Coptic Orthodox Theological College, Sydney Australia
Pope Shenouda III Coptic Orthodox
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Jesus, the Teacher
About the College

Theological Colllege

Established in 1982 by H.H. Pope Shenouda III through his delegate H.G. Bishop Antonios Marcos during his visit to Australia... About >>
Diploma of Theology

Theological Colllege

A 2-3 year course, designed to teach the spiritual Coptic Orthodox Heritage and service in a variety of ministries. The academic curricula is formulated to studies in Orthodox theology, biblical, historical and Christian education... Diploma Details>>

News & Announcements Summer Session Courses
Summer 2015/16
Lectures will begin on Tuesday 17th March 2015. Distance Studies Students will have access to their studying material and exams through the College's on.... Full Article >>
Autumn Program 2015
Timetable for Autumn Session (March 2015 May 2015) Lectures will begin on Tuesday 17th March 2015. All lectures are held at the College Premises, 72 Woll.... Full Article >>

-Apologetics II (Fr Antonios Kaldas)
-Ritual Theology (Fr Tadros El Bakhoumy)
-Church History II (Mrs. Nadine Samir)

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     November 2015- March 2016

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